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35 Reasons to use Pure Shea Oil.

We have been making products for our completely natural  Monshea shea oil range with pure shea oil for nearly 10 years. We have added essential oils known for their abilities to help dry skin or hair issues.

Shea comes from trees that grow shea nuts.  It is normally found on community land in certain countries in West or East Africa, so it is there for anyone to harvest.

 It takes 20 years for a tree to start producing shea nuts.

Shea butter or (butyrospermum parkii) is processed from Shea nuts. It is the fat that is made from the inner seed of the nut.

However have you heard of Shea oil? Do you know what Shea oil is.?

We  have compiled a list of 35 facts about Shea oil.
 We wonder what reasons will encourage you to give it a try ?


  1. .Pure shea oil is a by-product from Shea butter.. It essentially has all the benefits of Shea butter
  2. The fatty acid that gives Shea butter its waxy and solid composition is fractionated from the oil.
  3. There are 2 types of Pure shea oil

      4.Unrefined shea oil has more of the stearic fatty acid in it and has a higher             viscosity it looks more like a cream than an oil. when cold

  1. Refined shea oil has a lower viscosity .They will liquefy quicker than coconut oil
  2. . They will both liquefy in lower temperature than coconut Refined shea oilPure shea oil is not watered down shea butter, nor is it mixed with other oils to give it , its viscosity.
  3. Pure shea oil contains vitamins A, E and F.

8.Pure shea oil composition means you can use it without any manipulation to moisturise your face, hair and body.

  1. Pure Shea oil can be used on the whole family including babies.
  2. It is non comedogenic, so it will not block your pores like other natural oils like coconut oil for example.
  3. It is occlusive. This means it block water loss from the outer layer of your skin. It has the most significant effect when applied to moist or damp skin, It will not leave your skin greasy like alternatives Petrolatum jelly, Lanolin, mineral oil, cocoa butter or coconut oil
  4. It is an emollient. These are long chain saturated fatty acids (stearic, linoleic, oleic fatty acids ) which are commonly used in cosmetic formulations or topical applications. When incorporated into moisturizers, it helps to soften the skin through the filling of spaces between the skin cells. Moreover, it can act as a barrier to water loss when applied to the skin.

13 You can use Pure shea oil as a daily oil face cleanser to remove dirt make up etc. It will block your pores or dry out your skin.

  1. It has a great slip for massaging.
  2. It can be used to minimise and clear bumps and scarring from ingrowing hairs on your face.
  3. It has anti inflammatory properties so it can be used to alleviate stiff or aching muscles that have occurred through exercise regime or arthritis.
  4. It can fade skin scars gradually over time and will even your skin tone.

Pure shea oil

18.Apply Pure shea oil to your skin prior to swimming to minimise the drying effects of exposing your skin to chlorine.

  1. Pure shea oil softens your skin immediately
  2. You can add pure shea oil to your conditioner to add extra sheen to colour treated hair or curly hair.
  3. You can use Pure shea oil as a hair masque.
  4. You can use Pure shea oil on your nails and cuticles to soften them.
  5. You can use Pure shea under your eyes as it contains vitamin A or retinol so it has anti -ageing benefits.
  6. Pure shea oil can be used to get rid of dark circles when applied under your eyes at night.
  7. Pure shea oil is rich and highly absorbent.
  8. Pure shea oil may cost more but it lasts a very long time, so you get value from money.
  9. Pure shea oil contains Vitamin E so use it as part of your regime to get of acne scarring, chicken pox scarring etc.
  10. Pure shea oil has a shelf life of 3 years.
  11. If you make your own natural products, it will add moisture to your concoctions and much easier to use than Shea butter.
  12. It will give you all day moisture.
  13. you can use as day or night cream
  14. You can use it to moisturise dry or cracked heels.
  15. You can use it to help moisturise dry skin conditions including eczema , psoriasis or dermatitis.
  16. It is hypo allergenic.
  17. It contains a high amount of oleic fatty acid . this is the moisturising component of natural oils meaning it is more moisturising than Argan and Coconut oil.


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